Redif Tools and Support

Production companies usually propose to client’s ways of delivering what is demanded from them. REDIF, however, provides services at an earlier stage of planning and helps clients search for the most effective ways to communicate key messages. Such an approach brings effective results at lower costs.

REDIF’s services provided in this area cover event management, internet surveys, internet portal design, brochures, leaflets, newsletters and invitation design. In all our activities we seek to produce materials and events which the participants do not forget after the curtain comes down. REDIF provides clients with top-class services especially, including innovative hi-tech services. In 2015 for example, REDIF prepared and managed the first ever live internet TV broadcast from the client’s building.

REDIF puts emphasis on the most important element of production management, which is building an interactive relationship between a client and its key audience. In our understanding, public relations are built on a dialogue with target audiences and the communications tools applied should respect this.

REDIF’s services in the area of PR support: Brochures

CD-ROM/DVD Newsletters Mass Mailing

Information Line Information Materials Leaflets

P.O. Box


Event Management

Website support

Redif Apps Supports

24X7 = Mail Supports

24X7 = Mobilizing Supports 

24X7 = Technical Supports (Online/Offline)

Redif Never Compromise to their engagement irresponsible employees to denies their clients needy service.



There can be situations in Public Relations when one cannot rely on the media’s interest to deliver important information, e.g. a hotline number or a product recall announcement. In such cases, placing an eye catching and creative ad can help significantly. REDIF has extensive experience with communications via advertising.

We provide our clients with counsel regarding advertisements in crisis management, improving company/org. reputation, brand building and business to business relations, as well as litigation support.

 REDIF provides services in these areas: Advertisement and Advertorial Copywriting Media Placement

Graphic Solutions to Ads and Advertorials