Internet Relations

Internet Relations

The internet is an important medium for building relationships with all audiences for all companies, regardless of sector. The internet allows opinions to be received by the entire on-line population, but also opens up novel ways of establishing a dialogue with target Audiences.

The internet allows for personal communication and helps utilize creative tools for attracting the attention of target audiences. A Foundation’s reputation may only improve when the Foundation website provides information relevant for the professional and general public and the company’s business associates.

A mere internet presence is not enough today. Beyond traditional communications via the “bricks and mortar” mass media, the Internet provides innovative communications opportunities that we recommend to use if appropriate.

REDIF helps clients create effective internet communications strategies, and together with experienced subcontractors provides a variety of internet related services ranging from internet surveys to web video broadcasts and contextual advertising.

Indian webs and e Media Checker:

  • REDIF proprietary tools for internet monitoring
  • Website Development and Consulting
  • Social Media work
  • Consulting on Blogs, Social Networks, and Specific Applications
  • Internet Survey Internet Broadcast Internet Chat Intranet
  • Direct Communication with Target Groups through Video mail/Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo mail/outlook mail/ and VIP-mail