Crisis Management

Crisis Management

A communications crisis is a situation where the reputation of a foundation is at stake. No crisis situation though is foreseeable in advance but risks, including communications risks are. Successful crisis management by REDIF standards is based on creative processing of available information, on a timely and responsible reaction and on creative communications solutions. No smaller thing is at stake than the foundation’s good name and reputation – its most precious assets. A communications crisis without a prompt resolution may lead to the undermining of customers’ and employees’ trust and a direct loss of financial and business opportunities.

Crisis Management employs a wide range of public relations tools. REDIF has extensive experience in dealing successfully with various crisis situations on REDIF  foundation’s markets. Seeking counsel in crisis management demonstrates a responsible approach to preventing and minimizing the potential negative impact of any crisis situation.

We are ready to assist you in dealing with crisis situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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