Rural Environmental Development & Implementation Foundation is our dream Organization to ensure complete up-liftment of the underprivileged sections of the organization belongs to Murshidabad District, one of the most Backward District of West Bengal State. The area where trust situated is full of poverty, unemployment, mal-nutrition, illiteracy and other kind of severe social problems which need a comprehensive rather expert intervention from dedicated fellows. these problems are regularly being intervened with our Trust/Org. We believe that not only one aspect of life could secure sustainable development but all the dimensions of human life starting from socio-economic needs to socio-cultural and educational expectations of life should be met to ensure complete development of human life.
With this philosophy we are approaching to provide educational, socio-cultural, poverty alleviation efforts within the locality. Our efforts in forms of training and capacity building of local women and unemployed youth on food processing entrepreneurship, Rural Banking Development are trying to ensure employment generation. Our need based nutritional support activities are also a small step towards ensuring health and nutrition for MOTHER and CHILDREN of the locality. With our limited financial but high level of dedication we are trying our ultimate level to push our locality progressing towards a new era of development. We need your all over support in our efforts to make our District one of the progressive unites from one of backward places of West Bengal State.


We dream to ensure a complete up-gradation of Human Life of the locality Irrespective of Class, Caste and Religions and any other differentiation so that the locality may be turned into one of the most progressive places of the District and spread the spirit of ultimate Humanity and progress to other parts of the Districts and the State Level as well.


1. Rural banking business for secured of rural public fund with aeps/bio-metric solutions.
2. Educational Up-gradation of the Children by arranging Educational Facilities from a very primary level to even the ultimate university level.
3. Need Based poverty Alleviation Intervention in the locality.
4. Charitable Support to the Destitute.
5. Ensuring alternative Income generation of local unemployed youth & Women.
6. Vocational Skill Up-gradation of the youth.
7. Ensuring Healthy and hygienic practices of the people of area.
8. Agricultural Development through Scientific inputs and extension support.
9. Ensuring preventive health care and treatment oriented developed health care facilities for the local people.
10. Need based nutritional supports to local mothers and child.
11. Socio-cultural Development of the citizens of locality.


  1. Rural Banking BC/BF Activities (with Government Bank)
  2. Formation of the Kindergarten School on the basis of infrastructure and Educational Techniques.
  3. To Ensure Maximum coverage of children of the locality under the school.
  4. Implement a Scientific Fish-culture project for local economic development.
  5. Promotion of Food processing through establishing of food processing unite and promotion of entrepreneurship under food processing.
  6. Setting up of well equipped mental hospital and research institute.
  7. Agricultural promotion and crop up gradation in the locality.
  8. To establish vocational training institute.
  9. SHGs/JLGs Group that are maintained by Local educated Women’s.
  10. Aged/Elderly, Agriculture, Art & Culture, Children, Disaster Management, Education & Literacy, Environment & Forests,
  11. Health & Family Welfare, 12. HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Legal
  12. Awareness & Aid,
  13. Labour & Employment,
  14. Micro Finance (SHGs), Nutrition, Right to Information &
  15. Advocacy, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Sports,
  16. Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation,
  17. Vocational Training,
  18. Women’s Development & Empowerment.
  19. Banking BC/BF Activity
  20. General Insurance


Chandan Kumar Maitra



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